Puppy Love

Kiwi, my almost 10 year old Dashchund is the inspiration for this first post. She sits tonight recovering from surgery, hooked up to an IV and hopefully totally conked out on the best doggie drugs. Teach her to swallow a dog toy whole.


It never ceases to amaze me how much we pet owners love our fur pals. I got so many Facebook “likes” and words of encouragement today. Is it any wonder we want animals in our movies and books, too? Dog-centric favourites range from Lassie to Snoopy, and from  John Grogan’s Marley and Me to Farley Mowatt’s Mutt, in The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be.

But canines fulfill a particular role in romance novels. They show us alpha heros just might be good parent material and act as foils or comic relief for heroines. Elaine Fox and Jennifer Crusie weave dogs into their plots. But I think the dog tale that enchanted me most fervently was Molly in the Middle by Stobie Piel, the (’97) story of a Scottish border collie who, disgusted with sheep, herds her mistress toward a handsome American wandering the moors. Like Fox’s later publications, parts of Piel’s book were told from the canine point of view.

Who is your favourite dog tale?

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  1. I cried like a baby when the golden retriever died in Kristan Higgin’s Catch of the Day. Probably because I am owned by two goodies.

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