Motivational Whips and Chains

Until very recently, I have been wiggly about my daily word count. I have dithered in finding facebook, research, cooking, the narrations I must do because that’s what pays the bills, all more pressing than piling up words in the manuscript.

Well, to quote Mr. Zimmerman, the times, they are a-changing.

imagesFriend and Kensington author Sarah Hegger pushed herself into the troposphere (catch her incredible debut The Bride Gift , see )

by committing to 2K words a day. Eyes on the prize, she completed three and a half manuscripts in a year. Within two years she had sold five books, including a three-book deal to the aforementioned Big 5 publisher.

As Sarah said, now it’s my turn.


So upping the word count. Easier said than done? Not necessarily.

18246276Award winning author Sophie Littlefield (latest release: House of Glass) gave an awesome RWA workshop called “How to Slay your Inner Slacker” where she describes a practice she calls writing 45/15. (Here’s her blog that actually mentions me!: As simple as it sounds, she advocates writing for 45 minutes, then getting up for 15 minutes and taking care of bodily functions, warming your coffee or tea, walking the dog around the block, chopping carrots for supper, whatever would normally barge into your writer brain and derail your little engine that could. After your quarter hour break, get that cute little derriere back into the chair and fly those fingers over the keyboard.



21522614A Romance Weekly writer buddy, beautiful Brit Carrie Elks (Fix You, see ) sent me a link to a Rachel Aaron blog about how she went from writing 2000 words per day to 10K!

For a peek at Rachel’s light-speed nuggets, check this link:

Not certain if I’m up to a 10K/day challenge, but like my daily exercise routine, these are goals to work toward!


  1. 10K a day would beat the pants off me. It’s the getting serious about it and committing that is the most important part (in my opinion). I feel so fortunate to be spending my days at my passion. Hopefully, people will enjoy spending their days sharing it with me as they read

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