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Questions this time around are posed by Dead Awakenings author Rebekah Ganiere, who has the best blog header: “Vampires Werewolves and Zombies, Oh My!”

Check out both her book and her blog:


Who is your favorite character you’ve written and why?

queen-victoria-emerald-diamond-tiara-gothic-style-designed-prince-albertNot to be perverse, but I’m going to quote romance rock star Nora Roberts on this and say, “The one I’m working on.” (Btw, I think Nora should wear this tiara at the #RWA14 Gala. It was Queen Victoria’s and would complement her coloring. Worthy of our own royalty, don’cha think?)

When I first heard this response I thought it was a marketing ploy, but it’s not. I get it now. My head is so wrapped around what my hero or heroine (or antagonist) is 5-sensing as they are shunted through the life-changing events of my story, past characters kind of fall away. Their stories are done. Their problems are nicely wrapped.

Do you prefer to write your Hero or Heroine?

Go Commando Calendar 2014 (2)Now there’s a yin-yang question! I love writing the heroine because I get to put myself in her skin. Vicarious living through her is fun. And it’s easier, because I’m a girl. But I fall in love with my heroes. At least twice. Once as I get to know him myself, and the second time through the eyes of the heroine. (oh that? Just some eye candy from the Royal Marines Go Commando 2014 calendar – hero of my WIP is a marine -sigh)


What are the three things you can’t write without?

My laptop, an online thesaurus and wikipedia.


Well actually I can, I have proof in the two penned but unpublished romance novels I wrote before my kids were born, but electronic gadgets make a hard thing so much easier. More minimalistic? Quiet, full imagination, no interuptions. More lush? A nature view to ground myself, a loungey chair or couch to put my feet up while I write, and kombucha to refresh.


5456280Wonder how Brenda Margriet answered these questions? Check her out at:




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  1. I have to agree with you there…the one I’m working on…but sometimes heroes and heroines from other books start sneaking into my prose and all the sudden their names pop onto the pages, and I don’t find them until I’m editing. Sneaky people, these characters!

  2. Kim, I loved how you answered the second question. I’d never thought about the idea of putting yourself vicariously into the heroine’s skin. Excellent perspective. And thanks so much the yummy picture. Much appreciated.

  3. You’re right, Kim. The characters in your WIP are encompassing your world now. But for me, pre-pubbed, I’m still attached to my first novel, Gemini. Going back and forth with should I or shouldn’t I start the next one in the series.

    1. Ronnie, I found (as I’m still unpubbed too) even though I started the second one, I continue you to go back in to my first novel and tweak and tighten. So yes! Start the next one.

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