Romance Weekly # LoveWriteChat

Welcome! Thanks to LaNora Mangano for the hand-off if you’ve just come from her blog.



This week’s questions in the Romance Weekly writer round robin come from Dani Jace, author of the steamy shapeshifter novel, “White Doe”.


What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever done in the name of research for a book?

images-3For my first book (White Rose – or was it White Nights? White Something anyway, named after the White Mountains, in New Hampshire – written in the ‘90’s – between an environmentalist, Zane and the environmental lawyer, Lisa who opposed him and which will never see the light of day), I hiked up Mt Washington (tallest peak in New England) because that’s what my characters were doing. It was a gruelling climb, with warm temperatures and mild breezes one day, howling winds and frozen whiteouts the next. Lisa succumbs to hypothermia and Zane revives her skin to skin in a sleeping bag. My hunky boyfriend at the time (now husband) was the inspiration for that hero.

Name a nonfiction book you’ve read for research that you wouldn’t have read otherwise.  Not including writing craft books.

images-4I’m actually reading “War and the Soul: Healing our Nation’s Veterans from PTSD” by Edward Tick. It’s an excellent treatise. Gus MacIsaac, the hero of my WIP is the only survivor of an IED that killed his buddies. Riddled with survivor guilt and PTSD, he underwent two years of therapy. At my story opening his new mission is to live life to the fullest (in honor of his fallen friends). This includes reconnecting with his childhood crush, marine biologist Arabella.

If you could travel anywhere to do research for a book, including back in time, where would you go?

images-5Although I have no book thoughts on the destination, any excuse to go to Paris or Eastern Scotland inspires me. Time-wise? Well, I have a thing about pirates. (Stop laughing Sarah Hegger!) If my safety were guaranteed, I’d love to go back to the late 18th early 19th century in New Orleans and/or Galveston and hang out with Jean Lafitte and his crew. (The proverbial ‘they’ say that along with Keith Richards, Johnny Depp’s version of Jack Sparrow was inspired by Lafitte.)

Let’s hop over to author Elizabeth Janette, who is getting rave reviews for her Texas mystery-romance Redemption for Liars



  1. I really enjoyed your blog. Oh to spend a little quality time with pirates 🙂 I am jealous with the climb up Mt Washington too, that would have been amazing!!!

  2. Your WIP sounds wonderful. But such emotional research on a difficult topic. I love the idea of climbing a mountain for research. And they are gorgeous in New Hampshire. I’m a little jealous.

  3. I admire you for climbing a mountain Kim! I like walking, but hiking . . . arg. It hurts just to think about it. lol and PIRATES! Is Johnny Depp there? Orlando Bloom maybe? How about HOOK from Once Upon a Time? If he’s there, I’m in! *Swoon*

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