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Ever wonder how the minds of authors tick? Welcome to Romance Weekly, the blog tour where we unscrew the watch face and let you see the inner workings. This week’s questions come from Leslie Hachtel.


Do you prefer to write futuristic, contemporary or historical romances and why?


artworks-000060768775-b90ps9-originalThough I love to read all three (and dystopia and paranormal), I write contemporary because the authors that have more recently inspired me most are most prolific in this time period. We live in very exciting times filled with lots of conflict even on a day-to-day level. Staying in the now helps narrow my study of human relationships and emotions. I really want to capture the essence of the struggles and joys of falling in love.


What is your favorite time in history and how and why does it inspire you?

82f249f591efceed6dcc3ddcac39bc12As a kid, I was a sci-fi junkie. Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury. I ate them for breakfast, lunch and midnight snacks. I also love, love, loved the 19th century, and stories by authors from Austin and Dickens to the Bronte’s and Jules Verne. Maybe that means if I do venture out of the contemporary world, I should try steam punk, or at the very least the Victorian era. Hmmm. Future fodder.


How has your life experience contributed to your writing?



Not him, but he's cute, right?

Not him, but he’s cute, right?

I’ve had some pretty diverse experiences, so um, wow. Running a kids theatre school, dating a medicine man in training and living with Lakota in South Dakota (not my husband now), weathergirl on national cable, surviving a production business with 2 friends, Girl Scout leader, homeschooling for 9 years, radio dj, converting to Judaism, celebrating a 20th wedding anniversary, becoming vegan. See what I mean? (just a few highlights) I guess through all of it I’ve always studied human behavior and story. I don’t write about any of those experiences, but all that I’ve learned about people, and myself, certainly contribute to this. I think—or is it hope—that it makes my characters razor defined, my plots iron bright, my hooks gourmet irresistible. Like, I said, it’s my hope.


J.J.Devine has racked up a few compelling life experiences herself. See how she answers these questions at the next stop on our blog tour:



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