Welcome to my corner of the weekly blog hop of romance writers! Thanks to Leslie Hatchell for the intro, and the bewitching Carolyn Spear, author of Guarding His Heart for this week’s totes mcgote’s fun questions.


If someone could observe you writing without you knowing they were there, what strange practices might they catch you doing?

New York City Ballet

New York City Ballet



LOL! Ok. I come from an acting background, so I will often act scenes out as I write them. Sometimes this involves just my face often my voice and sometimes I will get up and move about the room as my characters. My family is used to this weirdness. Sometimes when I’m searching for a word or a lemon fresh twist on a hackneyed cliché, my fingers do the Search Ballet. Like, they’re up on either side of my ears and do this kind of flipping through my inner Rolodex. That happens a lot when I’m editing. Otherwise it’s all a lot of staring off into space, then typing madly like a whirling dervish. Stare. Type. Repeat.


Other than as a creative outlet, how does writing benefit you?

Zaggora Parkour Girl

Zaggora Parkour Girl

I think it helps me understand people better. Or try to, anyway. I think it’s one of the reasons we are drawn to story. We really don’t know what motivates the crazy lady in curlers down the street who does parkour on the rooftops at night. But she’s got a story. And it’s a doozy. I think it makes me more compassionate.


How do you feed your muse?

UnknownI don’t know if so much feeding my muse as it is keeping her on a strict diet. One that doesn’t include facebook, Twitter or long forays into a glossary of ice hockey terms, what kind of park benches line the streets of the financial district in Boston or some other nosh of research. I have to steal time from other aspects of my pretty full life to write, so when I’m in the zone, that’s where I want to stay. What does Musella actually ingest? People’s stories. Description and demeanor details. I’m pretty friendly and strike up conversations with well, everybody. The lobsterer on the ferry from Deer Island to Campobello, who’s never been on a plane, but is on an intimate relationship with the coves and bays of Maine. The Hungarian fencing Master I sat next to on a train to Toronto, who fencing-olympics-1440x900escaped certain death during the ’56 Revolution by riding out of the country on his father’s shoulders. The really sweet, incredibly wealthy receptionist at my daughter’s school, who doesn’t need to work, but wants to behave like a ‘normal’ person and get out of the house regularly. Their stories or what I infer their stories to be are part of the diet. Also: Movies and music, mythology and books. Green spaces and blue skies, water—yum, yum, crunch, crunch.

I love it when you visit! Thanks for stopping by. Comments  = ❤

from SoulMate Publishing

from SoulMate Publishing

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  1. I can, personally, attest that Kim talks to EVERYONE! I have made her promise that we can get across the room without stopping.

  2. I met a CIA spy once – well, that’s who he said he was. And as he was clean cut and well dressed and sitting in a swanky hotel lobby, I must say I believed him. I love people!

  3. Funny…your acting out bit made me think of the few times I’ve gone to hubster in the middle of trying to write some intimate moment and make him help me figure out logistics. (Hubster enjoys that part of my job immensely.)

  4. I definitely agree with helping to understand people better. I find when someone is saying, “I just don’t know what makes ‘so and so’ tick.” I find myself wondering what their story is and reminding whoever is chatting with me, “We may not know, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.”
    Great blog!!!

  5. Loved your answers! I could just picture all the moves, the imaginary Rolodex and the ballet. I’m with you on the staring into space. I do that all the time. My family think I’m crazy!

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