Tinderdoption—My Connection with Puppy Love




With online dating gone mainstream is it any wonder the system has gone to the dogs?



DentsuBos, the Montreal-based ad agency played cupid over the summer and asked me to help them out. Their creative team matched Rosie Animal Adoption up with the Tinder Dating app. A relatively quick gestation later, Tinderdoption was born.



Sweet pups who need homes pop up on the pages of Tinder-daters who list dogs as a “like.” The hope is Tinder-ites will fall for the canines and adopt them.

I was called in to Studio LaMajeure on Bleury Street a little over a month ago to do a narration for the televised public service announcement that that describes the service. It’s a smart use of blended media and it’s getting a lot of support, play and tweets. Here’s the finished product of the ad featuring voice a la Kim:

I hadn’t worked with the people from Bos in a while, so it was good to get reacquainted. Xavier from Creative was in studio along with English copywriter Helen, who did a brilliant job at direction. It was all pro-bono work on everyone’s part, including Mathieu Morin, the sound engineer from La Majeure.

Charity campaigns are always fun to work on. It’s a great feeling to help organizations out especially when it involves your particular brand of skillage. But even more so, when the brainchild is as refreshing as this.


When a dog’s profile pops up, it’s light hearted and funny. Think lines like ‘this single is ready to mingle,’ ‘Fifi is recovering from a bad relationship,’ or ‘big hearted bruiser looking for life long partner.’ The tone resembles the app but also effectively communicates to the user. Tinderdoption features a cute pic, a brief introduction and a suggests the place to meet up, if the user wants to take the relationship further.

It’s a bright marketing idea from DentsuBos, an example of how social media can make lives better and it’s also a success. The campaign fetched a lot of new leads for the Canadian adoption centre.